Our hangers come in various coating materials, sizes, colors and diameters
but generally 14 gauges (SWG) is the most favorite diameter in market
because of its efficiency. All hangers will not rust nor shatter (proper application)
and they are not sensitive to any kind of chemicals used in laundry processing plant.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
this plastic coating materials provides more
choices of colors, chemical resistance and last longer.
Electro Zinc Plating
gives ultimate performace with choices of

Rainbow, silvery or even black chrome colors. The bright sparkling and
smooth finished surface reflects its elegancy.

        -     Suit Guards                       regular/maxi
          -     Pants Guards                     half circle
          -     Neck Guards                      short/long
          -     Strut (bridge)
          -     Pre - printed items/logo